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Theory of Knowledge Presentation
Introduction to the Presentation
The internal component to the TOK assessment comes in the form of a presentation. They count for 1/3 of your overall Theory of Knowledge score and they will be assessed by the TOK staff at the school. The goal of this presentation is to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the knowledge issues through a topic that they find interesting. Each presentation can be a maximum of 10 minutes per student involved and groups are limited to no more than 2 students per group. While you will be given time in class to research, plan, develop, rehearse and deliver your presentations, you will be expected to do significant work outside of class. In order to maximize your performance on this component of the course, it is strongly recommended that you make yourself familiar with the assessment criteria and utilise the resources provided (see below).

General Procedure for Preparing for the TOK Presentation

1.Brainstorm Idea for Presentation and schedule initial meeting with TOK teacher

2. Initial Meeting with TOK teacher: Introduce and Review Presentation Planning Document
3. Progress Meeting with TOK Teacher: Submit First Draft of Presentation Planning Document and Outline of Presentation
4. Develop Presentation Plan and revise Presentation Planning document.
5. Final Presentation Delivered and Final Completed Presentation Planning Document Submitted

Assessment Criteria

TOK Presentation Planning Form: This needs to be completed in full, printed and submitted to your TOK teacher before you will be scheduled for a presentation time. Make sure you fully develop your ideas in this document. Your teacher may decide that it is insufficient and make you resubmit.

Key Deadlines

Class of 2015

Resources to Help you Prepare

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