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The Knower's Perspective: A Journey into Ethics

What is the source of the sense of right and wrong? For moral beliefs, can one distinguish between the source and the justification, or are the two the same?

What is Ethics? Ethical Value Game

Class Discussion: Where do our moral beliefs come from?

Extension Reading: Could Morality Have a Source?

What is Ethics: Introduction to Ethics Power point

History of Ethics-Overview (Optional)

Storyboard Activity (Optional)

If moral claims are in conflict, does it follow that there is no such justifiable concept as right or wrong?

"What do I belief in?" Brainstorm of Ethical Truths

Ethical Systems Chart- Research each of the ethical systems on the chart and attempt to explain each and demonstrate the method used to determine the right action
Using pgs. 372-392 in Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma

Reevaluation of Utilitarianism

Some Moral Dilemmas-Break Down the moral question and attempt to explain your decision based on one, or a combination, of the ethical systems from the chart
Moral Relativism

Some Moral Dilemmas (Classic Examples)

Real Life Situation-Ethical Dilemma: Morality Police in Iran: Telegraph Article

Real Life Situation-Ethical Dilemma: Child Bride poisons Groom and 3 others

Real Life Situation: Dying boy, 15, gets wish: losing virginity

Murder for Dinner- A Clash of Cultures

Meet Bruce Lee: Underground Sewer Lord
(Youtube Link to BBC 4 Story)

What are the justifications for, and implications of, claiming that there are universal standards for morality, or that there are societal standards of morality, or that there are only individual standards of morality? Are the three positions mutually exclusive? Does ambiguity in ethics make it “weak knowledge”?

Civil Disobedience- When ethical systems and moral codes come into conflict?
(Society vs. the Individual)

Socratic Discussion: To what extent are ethical systems universal, societal, or individual? Does the ambiguity of ethics make it "weak knowledge?"

Complete Knowledge Framework for Ethics
Should we teach Ethics or is it completely dependent on the knower's perspective?

Searchable Archive of Academic Papers on Changing Ethical Standards and Practices

We don't need Moral education

Teaching Ethics in Business

The Evolution of Ethics: an Introduction to Cybernetic Ethics

Example of Changing Ethical Code-AMA

Activity on Ethical Issues in Different Areas of Knowledge

Summative Assessment:
Ethical Debate/Panel Discussion that represents different knower's perspectives on an identified moral question